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What We Do

Kapok Press is dedicated to producing beginning piano books and song sheets for beginners and neurodiverse learners, including people with Down Syndrome, autism and ADHD.


Since 2005 we have been providing an easy and accessible way for beginners to learn and enjoy music and the piano.

We understand that every beginner has different learning challenges and our goal is to make piano accessible to all. Starting with the basics of understanding the piano keyboard, we help beginners develop fine motor skills, strengthen finger/brain connections, develop memory skills, listening skills and their voice through music and piano.

We have success stories from all over America, Canada, and have helped students in England, South America and Australia. Many students have gone on to music careers and many continue to enjoy playing piano for many years.

What makes us different is that we start the learning with the very basics of piano: learn the key names, learn to use all your fingers, and learn to play fun songs. We see students develop understanding and confidence, song by song. As they progress in their abilities at piano and music, many areas of their lives are enhanced. While some beginners can overcome the challenges of learning notation, rhythm and the keyboard all at one time, there are many who benefit from a step by step approach, where they do not feel overwhelmed and can experience success one song at a time, with a foundation and body of knowledge that supports future growth.

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