Our Mission Statement:

Kapok Press - empowering beginners on every step of their musical journey playing piano.

Kapok Press is dedicated to producing rewarding educational material for the budding pianist. We are passionate about creating music to engage and enthuse young beginners and those who are neurodiverse to play and enjoy the piano.  We support every child’s musical success playing piano and promote the joy and satisfaction of learning new skills through music. We believe that learning to play the piano is uniquely suited to stimulating and growing the human brain, and this activity can profoundly impact the future of our children in a very powerful and positive way.

Our books:

We want every child to feel empowered playing piano and to believe in their own ability to make music. The I Can Do It! Piano Books support young beginners and those who are neurodiverse to begin their creative journey with music that is accessible, and easy to use and understand.

We use a pre-notation system and pick fun and familiar songs for beginners to learn to sing and play easily. With the goal of making playing the piano accessible to all, our books and materials help beginners understand the patterns of the keyboard, develop finger strength and dexterity, learn the fundamentals of music and grow their ability to learn and memorize.  In development for over two decades, the I Can Do It! books empower beginners around the world to play confidently and feel capable on every step of their musical journey.

Beginners master new skills and build their understanding of music step by step with every new song, making the I Can Do It! Piano Books a great start in piano!

The latest research

Read this fascinating article "How to Grow the Good in Your Brain" (from Greater Good online Magazine at UC Berkley). It explains that your brain is 'like a garden', and repeated activity can stimulate amazing positive changes in the brain. Playing the piano grows the brain's neuroplasticity and challenges the right and left hemisphere of the brain to work cooperatively, honing learning in a powerful and unique way that is above and beyond other learned skills.

Training the left and right brain hemispheres to work together, piano playing also:

  • helps children learn to control and strengthen each finger, growing the connection between the brain and the individual finger.

  • increases math ability, pattern recognition and number recognition.

  • strengthens reading ability by developing letter and word recognition, and visual tracking skills across the page.

  • increases eye/hand coordination.

  • increases upper body strength through controlled arm and hand motions, and helps develop a stabilized torso that support upright sitting.

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