Explorers Guide

  • The I Can Do It! Piano Book Explorer’s Guide is for students and parents to use together to learn about music and the piano at home. Each lesson is carefully crafted to help parents support and share educational and fun music activities with their children. Coloring pages reinforce the concepts that are being learned.

    Every lesson includes:

    • exploring and practicing basic music concepts
    • finger warm-up and strengthening exercises
    • hand and body movements
    • listening, singing and ear training
    • learning new piano songs
    • creative play and improvisation

    The Explorer’s Guide follows along with lessons in the Teacher’s Guide. It helps parents support and enjoy musical activities with their children and encourages children’s first steps in learning about music and the piano.


    ISBN 978-0-9718477-3-6

    Paperback, 46 pages.
    Retail price $6.95