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Circle of Fourths and Fifths Chart

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  • How It Works

    The Circle of Fourths and Fifths Chart illustrates the harmonic structure of our musical system, and offers a simple way to understand scales and visualize their related chords. The Circle of Fourths and Fifths Chart is a helpful wall reference poster and a great addition to your music studio!

    • The chart shows all 12 Major keys (in red) and their related minor keys (in blue), the key signature of each key, and the interrelationship of keys and chords to each other.
    • Definitions of common musical terms, such as scales and intervals, are included.
    • A beautifully simple watercolor background makes this chart easy to read and visually appealing.

    This Circle of Fourths and Fifths Chart will help your student grow musically with a clearer understanding the keys and harmonies of the pieces they are playing.

    Item number: 740555455-2 (Circle of Fourths and Fifths Chart)
    Poster size: 18"W x 24"H
    Heavy semi-gloss poster stock, suitable for framing
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