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Warm ups!

Wrist warm ups for neurodiverse and neurotypical piano beginners

These days, like so many people working, socializing, and schooling remotely, I spend the majority of my time on the computer and on my phone. We hold our hands in the same position for hours, moving only slightly to tap buttons or click on a mouse, and the flexibility in our wrists and hands is compromised like never before. Cursive writing, that in the past helped with wrist flexibility and strength at least somewhat, is used very little today. I was quite surprised to find that in school my grandkids

are not even taught to read or write in cursive!

We know that for playing the piano more easily, we benefit from having relaxed and loose shoulders and elbows. Loose muscles = speed. The faster you want to play, the more relaxed your arms and muscles need to be. Add loose and flexible wrists and we have a much easier time moving our fingers and playing piano.

This is the first set of warm ups I show my piano beginners to loosen tight wrists. You can go to our website and download these warm-ups to keep near your piano for reference and daily use. They are fun and quite effective! We've also included a video below to give an example of what each movement looks like. (Note: if you have medical issues with your arms or wrists please check with your doctor before doing any exercises.)

Click here for a link to our FREE PRINTABLE wrist warm up page!

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