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Piano for Beginners of All Abilities

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The I Can Do It! Piano Book is a book geared towards beginners of all ages, with particular benefits for people with intellectual disabilities. The brightly colored letters are easily distinguishable from each other, and gives the student a strong sense of accomplishment from being able to play entire songs right from the beginning. Click here to check out how this works!

As the creator of this book series, I am pleased to announce a new endeavor: Blogging! On a regular basis, I will be posting about my experiences and adventures with my students of all ages and abilities. My hope is that this blog along with the experiences and information it contains can offer guidance to others, both teachers and individuals alike. I also look forward to hearing from you, dear readers, about your experiences by opening a dialogue in the comments section.

Yours Musically,


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