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Increase learning through music and song

In these challenging times you may be looking for ways to engage your child in activities that are fun, interesting and

motivating. Music, with its' strong sensory input, can be a powerful vehicle for increasing learning by stimulating the mind and body.

You know how much easier it is to exercise well when you work out with music you like and that has a strong beat? It feels like it pushes you forward and enhances your mental enjoyment, not to mention it helps you complete your workout :) Music has the power to engage our physical and mental focus.

For young children, music through songs supports learning words, concepts and ideas. Through songs children and those with autism and other learning disabilities also learn anticipation and planning, language, body movement and social skills.

Through songs children learn:

~words and sounds




Success with music can increase children's self confidence and improve their overall ability to communicate.

You can add music and songs to your child's daily life in many ways:

~Listen to quiet soothing music while your child works or is engaged in quiet activities at home.

~Sing songs with your child that have repeating parts that are fun to learn: think "Shoo-fly", "Head and

Shoulders, Knees and Toes", "This Old Man", "London Bridge".

~Make fun instruments from common items like pots or lids and use a wooden spoon as a mallet; fill containers with rice or beans (or pebbles/shells/dry macaroni, etc.) to make shakers; fill metal containers with water to different levels to produce a variety of tones. Everything can make a sound (well, almost!)

~Make a 'microphone megaphone' for singing by rolling up a sturdy piece of cardstock and taping it, with one end wider and the other end tighter to sing into.

~March to strong beats, dance to waltz beats, sway to smooth beats.

It is not necessary for you to be a musician to engage in music play with your child. Once you start, they will probably encourage you as much as you encourage them. Learn together, and have fun!

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