I bought this book along with a piano for my daughter’s 8th birthday. She has never taken piano lessons, it has been less than 3 months and she already knows how to play all the songs in the book. She loves this book. I wish there was a book 2 like this one.


5 star – Great “Teacher” (Amazon) - By M. Kirker “Carioca” (Katy, TX United States)

I hadn’t touched a keyboard in 20+ years prior to picking up this book. But it is so simple & easy that I was quickly able to play the simple, child friendly tunes: Ring Around the Rosie, Hot Cross Buns, Mary Had a Little Lamb etc…contain within. Not only is the teaching system very, very “friendly” & easy, the book is also a pleasure to read & look through, thanks to the lovely illustrations. I highly recommend this book, for beginner adults and children!


5 star - Wonerful Book! (Amazon) - By M.B.K. “a reader” (VA, United States)

First of all, I love these books: they’re sweet! We start all of our beginners on them. In fact, I use them with our beginner brass players as well. It’s great to get the kids playing actual songs and recognizable melodies before learning all the theoretical jargon of music notation. So thank you very much; we will continue to use them. So, with that all said, we have a number of piano students who are becoming very comfortable using your books and are ready to move on to the “next step.” Is there a specific book or system you would recommend? Thank you for all the music you’ve placed into our kids’ fingertips!


David Mersiovsky, Music Director - Fredericksburg Corps, The Salvation Army